Schedule of Events

Welcome to The Bahia Shriner’s Harvest Festival and Country Faire! We’re offerin’ heaps o’ fun this year with our first ever indoor corn maze! And yes, it’s VERY difficult to grow corn indoors- it’s takes all sorts o’ special lightin’ and lots uh guvernmen’ officials runnin’ round chasin’ little green folks like they was leprechauns or somethin’! But don’t worry, a little Round Up took care a’ that problem few days back!



Opening Night

Opening Night!

Oh lookie! I'm on the TV and that's my PIE!!!!

7:00pm to 10:30pm

The Bahia Shriner's Harvest Festival and Country Faire!

Opening night of the Bahia Shriner's Harvest Festival and County Faire! Be the first to explore our very own corn maze! We put it indoors this year because, you know, rain an' all. No don't be payin' attention to them little green men runnin' 'round....


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It is with a heartfelt thank you for believing in us and letting us give back to our community!

The Haunted Shrine