Alien Abduction Information

Good morning everyone!

This is Skip Newsworthy, station manager for WAAH Action News. Recently, we have received reports of increased Alien presence here is Central Florida but we’re having trouble getting footage! We’ve heard about strange lights hovering over the Northwest Recreation Center late at night and strange figures walking around, skulking behind trees and buildings and the like.

We have yet to see pictorial or video evidence, but we are very anxious to get the scoop on this, so we’re offering a reward for bonafide, incontrovertible evidence! For the best piece, showing a real live alien or their spaceship, we are prepared to offer a family four pack of admission tickets to the Bahia Country Faire Corn Maze and Scarehouse! This won’t be all- as we plan for a plethora of paranormal photographs, the pot will positively appreciate!

In order to qualify for this you must follow this protocol:

  1. Secure your footage
  2. Post said footage on Facebook or Instagram
  3. Tag Bahia Scare House ( FB:@BahiaShrineScareHouse / IG: bahiascarehouse )

Listen, we need to keep this under wraps though, see? We want the scoop and the news story has to break in the beginning of October. That’s when the big announcement will be made!

Stay tuned- more information is coming!